A typical acupuncture treatment: What to expect

The consultation:

Appointments tend to last around 45 minutes, although we may take a little longer in the first session if I feel we need to take more time to discuss the reason for your visit. During the consultation, we will talk about the issue you have come for treatment for, your general health and past medical history. As Chinese medicine looks at the person as a whole, so depending on the reason for your visit, there may be a number of questions that seem unrelated to the issues you have come for treatment for. This enables me to determine a personalised diagnosis and create a treatment plan individual to you.

I may also ask to take your pulse for a few minutes and have a look at your tongue. This may seem very different to a trip to many other health practitioners, but forms an important part of Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

Depending on your issue, I may ask to palpate particular areas of your body. This can include muscles in an area that is causing pain, acupuncture points or meridians or your abdomen.


After the consultation I will explain what I intend to do and make sure that you are happy for me to continue. You may be required to remove items of clothing to enable the treatment of certain areas. Towels will be provided to cover up and keep warm any areas that aren’t being treated.

The process of inserting the needles in most often painless. Some people feel a numb, achey or dull feeling where the needle is inserted which is perfectly normal and is seen as a good sign that your body is responding positively to the treatment.

As acupuncture is not simply the process of inserting needles there may be some additional components to treatment that I may wish to include. This could be:

These additional aspects will be offered if I feel that any particular therapy will contribute to your treatment. I'll always discuss the benefits and why I wish to include it, and you will always have the option to not take up the offer, or leave it to the next appointment once you have had time to think about it.

To find out more about the aforementioned options, please visit the additional therapies section of this site