Preparation and aftercare for massage

You may feel a little dehydrated after your treatment. This is a result of your body flushing out toxins the treatment process releases from your muscles. You can combat this by drinking plenty of water before and after the treatment.

Also for this reason, it is advisable to avoid caffeine and alcohol, as you will be forcing your body to work harder to remove the toxins and increase the chances of dehydration.

The manipulation your muscles receive during a treatment creates similar effects to that of a big workout. Therefore it is not advised to undergo any heavy exercise for around 24 hours after treatment.

Just like a big workout, your body needs time to recover from the treatment. It is recommended to stretch the treated muscles in order to encourage a good blood flow to them and maintain the work done in your treatment.With this in mind you may find certain areas tender and sore for a day or so after the treatment. This is perfectly normal and will subside within a day or two. If you feel concerned about anything following your treatment do not hesitate to get in touch with me for advice.