How many massage treatments will I need?

Obviously this depends on the nature of your problem, your age, whether it is an old or new problem and most influentially, on you as an individual. Typically in a healthy person, muscular injuries can take around 4 - 6 treatments over 3 - 4 weeks, whereas injuries to ligaments and tendons tend to take longer and may include 8 - 12 treatments over 12 weeks.

There are many many things that Remedial and Sports massage can treat and each person will likely have a different recovery time. When you first come in for treatment we will discuss the likely time span of your treatment plan and continually re-evaluate as the treatment progresses.

Importantly, your recovery time can be reduced by following simple lifesyle advice and by us working together to provide your body with the best environment for recovery outside of the treatment room. This is an extremely important part of the process as the treatment it self provides the basis for recovery, however the recovery itself will occur between appointments.