Preparation & Aftercare

You are strongly advised to make sure you have something to eat before you come for treatment. In addition it is recommended that you wear loose, comfortable clothing or clothing that is easy to remove.

One of the benefits of acupuncture is that it has no adverse side effects. People sometimes feel a bit more tired than usual for up to a day after treatment. This is perfectly normal and only tends to occur after the first one or two treatments, if at all.

Very occasionally you may feel some soreness or mild bruising where a needle has been inserted. This is normal, however if it ever becomes painful, more severe than you are comfortable with, or you are worried about any after-effect of treatment please get in touch with me straight away.

I would recommend that after your treatment you avoid any strenuous work or exercise for the rest of the day and eat reasonably soon after the treatment. It is also recommended that you avoid alcohol or excessive caffeine for the rest of the day.