Additional Therapies

As acupuncture is not simply the process of inserting needles there may be some additional components to treatment that I may wish to include to benefit you and your treatment.


Massage is the process of manipulating muscles and connective tissue aid healing and enhance function.

Massage is mostly likely to be suggested if you come to me with a musculoskeletal issue. The general aim is to soften and relax the muscles to best prepare them for acupuncture and get the best possible results. Other reasons for including massage are for conditions where muscle tension can either be a result or contributing factor. This might include anxiety, insomnia or headaches.


Cupping therapy uses a vacuum to create localised pressure in an affected area. Cupping helps to release toxins from a muscle and reestablish a good blood supply to aid nourishment and recovery. Aside from its therapeutic properties, cupping is used to draw out waste products and old blood stuck in tight muscles, and deliver fresh blood and nutrients to the area. The waste products can be the cause of pain in a muscle and allowing a new, fresh blood supply into it a muscle will help nourish and repair it.

I use cups with a manual suction pump to ensure the level of suction is controlled for your peace of mind and comfort. Cupping Therapy should not hurt, though you may feel a tightening in the local area as the vacuum is applied. I perform a gentle yet affective treatment however on occasions a circular mark may be left as a result of drawing toxins from the muscle. This tends to resemble a bruise but is rarely sore to touch.


Moxa is a mugwort herb that is ground down and burnt. It is used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi.

There are a number of different ways to administer a moxa treatment . Most commonly moxa is burnt on the end of the needle or a stick of moxa is hovered over a particular area.

British Acupuncture Council guidelines depicts that when moxa is used, the patient should be supervised, so I will always be present when moxa is being used for your own peace of mind.

Stretches & Manipulations:

With musculoskeltal issues, it is often beneficial to stretch or manipulate the muscle after the treatment to lengthen and encourage elasticity in a muscle. This aids recovery and prevents further injury. They are usually carried out by moving a body part to, and gently beyond its range of movement.


A small electrical current is passed into the acupuncture needle. This creates a larger stimulation of an acupuncture point. It can also be used for muscular conditions in the same way a TENS machine is used to stimulate nerve function.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Chinese Medicine views diet and lifestyle as hugely influential factors in maintaining good health. Without addressing these factors it can become very difficult to fully treat a person's issue. The advice will vary depending on what you have come in for, but is usually as simple as stretches to do at home, suggestions of food to avoid or include in your diet, advice on relaxation and coping strategies or or ways to introduce or reduce exercise.